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Browser and Java Settings

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Vista Student FAQ's and Troubleshooting Wiki 


Browser and Java Settings

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What are the Browser Requirements for using Blackboard Vista?


The listed browser and operating system configurations on the following link are recommended by Blackboard for Blackboard 8.0.5


Supported Browsers


*Please note that Blackboard's list of Supported Browsers may not coincide with other systems within myCommNet. 


See the Sidebar of this wiki page for Browser Check info.


The following are NOT supported: Firefox 3.5.x and below, Google Chrome, and iPhone Blackboard Learn app. Windows Vista Business is not a supported Operating System.




What version of Java should I be using with Blackboard Vista 


The lastest versions of Java for both Windows and Mac  should be compatible with Blackboard 8.0.4.


You can get the latest versions from the Downloads area of the Online Support page or directly from



See the Sidebar of this wiki page for Browser Check info.




Do I need to disable pop-up blockers?


Yes. Most of the online learning systems, including myCommNet and Blackboard Vista take advantage of pop-up windows to present course material. If any pop-up blockers are present on your system they will prevent you from using myCommNet and some Blackboard Vista course tools (i.e. mail, exams, library reserves, streaming media) We recommend setting an option that allows pop-ups from websites you specify, and blocks all other pop-ups. (Be sure to add *.my.commnet.edu and *.blackboard.com as safe sites to allow popups from these sites.)


Please refer to the myCommNet site for further information. 




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